Mary River Station

Unforgettable safaris in the Northern Territory

Come and stay with us at Mary River Station

Mary River Station is located 240km south of Darwin where we offer Buffalo, Banteng and Boar Hunts on the 600,000 acre property. We were lucky enough to get hunting rights to this world class hunting property that has produced many record book animals over the years. It has the largest private herd of free roaming Banteng in the world with no high fencing. You will see quite a few Banteng bulls every day that we can pick a nice trophy from with lots of hard work and looking. Banteng Bulls average around the 68 to 74 SCI record book. Buffalo are hunted much the same way with lots a scouting and glassing and checking out water hot spots where we will find some big bulls. You can expect to take a Bull 100+ SCI.

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